I Needed Things to Change for My Husband’s Back Health

I was watching my husband hobble around the house, and I told him that it would be no problem to call my Sacramento chiropractor to see when he could get in to be looked at. He’s stubborn, so he told me he would be fine on his own. What was frustrating is that he was not okay, and it only became a bigger problem over time. When he couldn’t get up out of bed for a week, I told him that he was going to do something about it whether he liked it or not, and I made him an appointment. This time, he realized that I was right and didn’t put up a fight. I was hoping that this would make him change the way that he goes about doing things.

As much as my husband likes to take charge and get things done, he also ignores his body. On one hand, he would rush around after work to help me do things for our kids or take care of matters in our home. He will do just about anything for me and the kids. But on the other hand, when he does have downtime, he doesn’t take time to recharge and do nice things for his body to keep it strong. I knew that it was starting to catch up with him, and I had even tried to talk to him about it. He would brush it off.

When I called the chiropractor’s office to make an appointment, I asked if I could talk to him myself about the situation. He was happy to oblige. I told him that I have an amazing husband who does so much, but yet doesn’t take of himself. I asked if it would be possible for him to talk about that with my hubby, and he said he would. Now, my husband is taking time to work out and do better things for himself.