Orland Park Chiropractor Provides Real Healthcare

I have always been an active person and very much into athletic pursuits. I enjoy participating in mud runs and obstacle course-type competitions, but years of running, climbing and jumping on some poor terrain have taken a toll on my body, my back especially. I knew I needed an Orland Park chiropractor when it took my body weeks to recover from my last mud run. It was a brutally cold day and an incredibly difficult course, but certainly not the worst one I had ever participated in, though my body was acting as if it was.

I have never been shy about getting massages and believe that massage therapy has a place in my life as a great way to relax, but while the relief through massage was immediate, it was also very temporary. Massage therapists just do not have the training or education necessary to diagnose true medical issues or offer suggestions and techniques to manage or prevent pain.

After many hours of scanning the phonebook, reading reviews and researching online, I found a great chiropractor near my home in Orland Park. I make regular visits to my chiropractor for preventative as well as restorative healthcare and have learned some great stretching techniques that I utilize prior to my races and events. My chiropractor has also helped me develop an exercise routine that works with my lifestyle and time constraints to keep myself limber so I can compete well into the next decade of my life, far longer than many of my friends who have declared themselves “too old” to participate.

I still get the occasional massage. It is hard to resist the whole day spa experience and general pampering, but while that type of relaxation is a great break, for a real cure for medical issues, a chiropractor is an absolute necessity.