Nerve Interference Was Causing My Pain

One of the things I promised myself earlier this year was finally taking care of some issues that I had been putting on the back burner. One of those things was seeing a chiropractor in Bakersfield about the back pain that I was feeling. I thought that my lower back was hurting just because I was so overweight. Even after losing a good bit of weight though, my back pain was still present. I knew that something was not right, but it was just something I kept putting on my To Do list because it was a pain I had grown used to.

I learned that a person should never get used to any kind of pain. If pain is present, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Mine turned out to be a very simple problem. In language that I could understand, the chiropractor I went to see told me that my back was just out of whack. He explained that when there is some kind of interference in the nerves, then one of the things that can result is pain. It is not something that usually happens in a short period of time though.

I knew this to be true, because I had been in pain for a long time. He explained that if I had come even when I was at my heaviest, then he would have been able to do adjustments then which would have restored proper nerve function. That would have taken care of the pain that I was feeling. While I wished I had come in earlier, I still knew that it was a better late than never situation. The doctor was able to perform adjustments twice a week on my back, and I was feeling like I never had before within weeks.