My Girlfriend Wants to Be a Model

Of course she probably has a pretty good chance at it, the girl is really hot and there is not any bias in that statement. Of course when you are a model then you have to compete against hundreds and hundreds of other girls who are all really hot as well. This is not so clear that she is able to afford some of the things that she thinks that she needs. I took her to see a guy who does cosmetic dentistry in Greenwood Village the other day and I was surprised that it was pretty obvious that some of the people in there were quite obviously models. They were men and women and all of them looked the part. In particular there were a lot of them who had really bright smiles. It was just not naturally bright, but brighter than any teeth could be in a natural way. They call it something, but it is obvious when you look at a person who has had this done.

In fact just about any person you see on a TV commercial is going to have this stuff done to their teeth. I think it is called bonding or something of that sort. At any rate they all look as though the light reflecting off of their teeth would blind you. This is just the start of what my girlfriend thinks she needs to have done and really it seems a bit bizarre to me. It is in the sense that she is a really beautiful woman and so it seems absurd for her to think that she needs to have a cosmetic surgeon to start cutting on her face. That is how it is in this area however. All of these models have to be perfect in some abstract way.