A Chiropractor Can Help in So Many Ways

Several of my friends and I get together at least once a month to discuss the latest book that we are all reading. While we label it a book club, it entails so much more. We do discuss books, but we talk about everything else that is going on with our families as well as ourselves. The last few times we met, I have been so tired, even though I still made it. My friends noticed I seemed run down, and asked me if everything was okay. One of them suggested I see her chiropractor in San Diego after I explained that I just had no get up and go left in me.

She had told me that she started going after seeing the positive changes in her mother when she needed help after a knee surgery. I had no idea that chiropractors were even involved in the rehab part of knee surgery, nor did I know that my friend had been going to one. She did look better though, and I just attributed that to the weight loss she had been experiencing. She told me that she was losing weight because of this chiropractor!

So, that information really floored me, but it also really intrigued me. I wanted to go see this doctor who could help someone recover better and faster from an operation on her knee as well as help someone lose weight and just feel better overall. I made an appointment for later that week, and my eyes were really opened about all that a chiropractor can do for a person when I went there. I had no idea that they were able to do as much as they do, and I am a believer myself now that I have been going to this one for a couple of months now. I don’t have that tired problem going on at all anymore!