Life is Really Different Here, and I Enjoy That

Living in the land of beautiful people means that I take great care to look good at all times. Growing up in my own home country was very different. I was a teen during the grunge years in the 1990s. Young people often wore torn t-shirts, torn jeans, flannel shirts and grungy boots as a norm when I was in college. But it’s quite the opposite where I live and work now. Recently, I Had some IPL hair removal in Singapore done so that I could look as good as the people I work with. It amazes me that the people here always look so good.

I came here in college to attend college for one semester under a really great program we had at my university. I stayed with a host family and they had a daughter in college who was my age. Imagine her surprise when I showed up in my torn up clothing that was the norm at my own school. She said that she always thought Americans were very wealthy and had nice clothes to wear. I explained that not the young people of the time were very anti-establishment so they often wore things that played that down. I felt so out of place standing next to her. She had beautifully coiffed hair, wore impeccable clothing that looked so classy. She even wore heels to her classes at times. While living there, she helped me to do some shopping so that I would fit in more.

Fast forward 15 years, and I really wanted the chance to work in Singapore. This time I was prepared. I have nice business suits, elegant shoes and a fantastic haircut. I just had laser hair removale done to clear up some stray hairs that were growing in areas that I didn’t want hem to grow. Every little thing makes a big difference. I actually love going into work each day wearing nice things.