Why My Chiropractor in Corte Madera Referred Me Back to My Medical Doctor First

I stepped on a toy our son left on the steps as I was going down them in the dark. I was glad I was actually holding onto the railing. I stumbled and swung around while holding onto the railing to not fall. I was spun around and actually hit the wall, but I did not fall. I really did a number on my shoulder as my arm was wrenched hard as I hung onto the railing to not fall. I called my chiropractor in Corte Madera a few days later to get an appointment.

Sure, the boy should not have left the toy on the stairs, but I should have turned the light on to go down the stairs too. He is just a young boy, and I am a grown man. So, I blame my poor choice much more than I blame that toy being left there. I am just very happy to not have fallen down the stairs, but my shoulder and upper back were really hurting from being spun around like I was. The chiropractor told me that the nature of the injury required a visit to my medical doctor to get some imaging done to make sure I did not tear anything or even have broken something in the impact with the wall.

After my doctor said there was no apparent torn tendons or breaks, I was able to see the chiropractor again. The accident happened more than a week ago, and my back in my shoulder area still hurt. The therapy the chiropractor in Corte Madera provided helped me to feel better immediately. I understand that the chiropractor had to make sure I did not do any damage that may require surgical intervention before treating me. It was the first time I was referred back to a medical doctor since seeing them. It was refreshing to see that the chiropractor had my safety and health in mind above their own interests.