I Was Afraid to Go to the Chiropractor

I knew that I needed to see a chiropractor in Turlock because of the pain in my back, but I was afraid to because I had no idea what he was going to tell me about it. I had already had one doctor tell me that he wanted to do surgery, and that scared me more than anything. I quickly changed doctors, because I didn’t feel he had even considered all my options as well as what was causing me the pain in the first place. When I went to my new doctor, he suggested that I see a chiropractor because he felt that what needed to be done could be done without any type of surgery.

I had considered seeing a chiropractor before this, but I never did because of my fear. I figured that someone who specializes in back pain would probably tell me the worst news I wanted to hear. It is kind of ironic how fear works that way! Anyway, I knew that I had to see one because I needed answers, and more importantly I needed relief. I was still able to walk, but there was pain in my lower back when I did.

Bending over to pick anything up off the floor was something I could no longer do, and even getting up from a chair required a bit of extra time because of the pain. I finally made the decision to face my fears, and I contacted the chiropractor that I still see today. I was impressed with him from the start because he could tell I was afraid, and he addressed that. He assured me that chiropractic care is about holistically healing the body rather than pushing pills or scheduling surgeries, and that gave me the confidence I needed to go through the testing and then treatment plan he came up with. It worked too, because after several months, I felt like I had not for at least ten years. I feel great today too!