I Got Hit by a Front End Loader

It was just like most other work day mornings, at least it was until I realized that the guy driving the front end loader was about to back up into me. I yelled at him and I three down the stuff I was carrying, but I did not quite get out of the way. I gave that guy more than a few choice words and his boss started to have a fit, because he could see I was in a position to sue him. After I got done with the doctors, then a chiropractor in San Francisco had to try to work out the kinks in my back. I am pretty sure that the insurance company wants to sue the other guy, but that does not really interest me. He is going to claim that I should have been looking out for him, which might be a valid point since you can never be absolutely sure that the other guy is not a complete idiot. In this case that seems to have been something that I should have been considering.

It is a sad thing for me that I can not really move around all that well right now. Of course it is even worse because my condo is a two level deal. The beds are all up the stairs and I am not really too good at getting up them on a crutch. I can manage it, but some of the time I just hang out and sleep on the living room floor. That is not so bad really, especially compared with going up the stairs and then going back down them. I have another couple of weeks before I can throw the crutch away. The doctors seem pretty happy with the way that things are healing up right now.