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Pros and Cons of Otoplasty

Generally, we do not consider our ears to play a significant role in our appearance. Seldom judged, they remain insignificant unless they are unappealing, protruding or big. If your ears are prominent and look abnormal, they may blemish your entire look, casting a shadow on your overall pleasant appearance.

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, can improve the shape, look, or position of the ear whether it is to correct a defect in the ear structure, treat an ear injury that has effected the shape, or simply for aesthetic reasons.

What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is‘Ear Cosmetic Surgery’ and has become fairly common in both adults and children. It is performed to change the position and shape of the ears. In other words, it makes your ears appear less protruding. It has various types – but the most common procedure is shaping your ears, placing them as close to your skull as possible.

Like any other surgical processes, it has risks – especially for children. Many parents are reluctant to allow their children to undergo such facial surgery considering the pain, infections and symmetry problems.

If you or your child has disproportionately large ears – which make you feel embarrassed, otoplasty can be a solid permanent cosmetic solution. However, before you make the decision of undergoing this procedure, it is essential that you weigh its pros and cons to determine whether it is worth it or not.

Pros of Otoplasty

  1. Otoplasty is not different from any other reconstructive cosmetic surgery. The aim here is to enhance your facial appearance. If your ears are large and appear too far from your skull, the surgery can help reshape your ears and make them more proportionate.
  2. Being bullied or teased because of the shape of your ears is not only common but also emotionally discouraging for both a child’s and an adult’s self-esteem. Bullying can be significant factor behind disliking your own ears. This ear cosmetic surgery will help you and your child retrieve that lost confidence.
  3. The surgery can restore the original shape of ear if it was injured during an accident
  4. The surgery can help treat different types of defects in ear structure
  5. The results are long-lasting while the surgery requires very little time, usually complete within a couple of hours.

Cons of Otoplasty

  1. Otoplasty involves complications like bleeding, cartilage infection, skin infection and prolonged pain.
  2. The cosmetic surgery sometimes takes an extended healing time, especially for scars to fade away or if the patient has health problems such as diabetes.
  3. There have been otoplasty cases where patients experienced permanent numbness of the face and ears.
  4. The surgery majorly depends on the efforts and skills of the primary physician. If your chosen plastic surgeon is not professional and competent, you may face perilous side effects after surgery.
  5. Although the ear cosmetic surgery is permanent, there is 40 percent chance of a possible relapse.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the idea of otoplasty sounds nice and appealing and has many pros, but it is essential to consider associated cons and side effects with it. It is a surgical process and entails the risk of bleeding, pain, and infections that may turn into big concerns. Thus, make sure that you evaluate the procedures, recovery process and possible outcomes of the surgery by discussing them with your cosmetic surgeon.

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23 Quick Tips to Keep Coloured Hair Looking Extraordinary

Almost everyone in their lifetime has coloured their hair that has faded away much faster. Most of the time we wish the colour stayed as long and as fabulous looking as it could. With a little extra care and creativity, you can protect your hair colour and keep your hair looking as it was coloured yesterday. These 23 quick tips might just save your day (and colour!)

  1. The foremost thing to consider when deciding to colour your hair, is the quality of colour to be used. Ask your stylist to use only the best quality colours that conditions too. While it may cost you an extra dime, it is going to be worth every penny once you are done colouring and you see it staying for long and nice. Professional hair colours that have superior conditioning properties than those sold loosely in retail are the best option to go for. Another great option is ammonia-free colours that are all the rage now.
  1. The staying power of colour depends the choice of colour. You may not know but red colour family is the first to fade away. Colours like red, mahogany, burgundy and all others from the same family bleed faster than any other colour family. Their large molecular size is to be blamed which makes them more difficult to penetrate into the hair shaft, thus making them more susceptible to fading. Be sure to use a high-definition red hue that lends minimum stress to the hair cuticle.
  1. Too much of shampooing can be ruining your coloured hair. While ammonia-free colours are demi-permanent as they have a 20-28 shampoo resistant time frame, permanent hair colours too can fade off too quickly with regular washing. Wash your hair less often to retain the natural oil of the scalp that conditions your coloured hair naturally. This will help keep the vibrant colour.
  1. Do not shampoo your hair immediately after shampooing. In fact, hair companies and stylists suggest just conditioning the hair with a good mask after washing off the applied colour. This helps to lock in the colour.
  1. Wait for at least two days after you have coloured your hair. This will give the colour ample time to set in the hair and less likely to be washed off faster.
  1. The days when you are not shampooing, try to keep your hair dry in the shower by either tying it up or wearing a shower cap. Protecting it to get wet can save it from fading faster.
  1. When shampooing colour-treated hair, wash it under tepid or cold water. Never wash hair with hot water, even in winters. This might take a toll on your hair quality and make the colour fade faster.
  1. Every time that you shampoo your hair, be sure to condition it as well. Go for hair spas or heavy hair masks once in a week to lock in the moisture and make your colour-treated hair appear shinier and healthier.
  1. The kind of shampoo and conditioner you use on your hair decides in how you hair is going to look. Go for professional shampoo and conditioners that are high in conditioning qualities. Salon grade products protect and condition your hair, thus minimizing the damage of colour on your hair.
  1. Special colour-protecting shampoos are available for colour-treated hair. Use them whenever you shampoo your hair. Try the conditioner from the same range. This will make your colour last longer.
  1. Look for sulphate-free shampoos. Sulphates tend to wash off colour faster, thus making hair look lifeless and dry. Sulphate free shampoos are much safer option.
  1. Clarifying shampoos are good only before colouring. Use them to remove any traces of dirt, dust and chemicals such as hairsprays, resins and wax. Using it after colouring your hair might make it strip away hair colour due to high concentration of detergent in them.
  1. Use leave in conditioners for that added care and softness to the hair. Leave-in conditioners are a great way to protect coloured hair from heat styling products, dirt and dust. Its special formulation locks in the moisture and leaves it tangle free and soft for hours.
  1. Go for deep conditioning treatment at least once in 15-25 days if you have coloured hair. These treatments give a boost to the colour and make it look fresher. You can either opt for it at a salon or do it yourself at home. Apply a deep conditioning treatment cream onto the hair from roots to tips and wrap your hair up in a soft warm towel. After 30mins, wash off to get shinier healthy looking hair.
  1. A hot oil treatment definitely has its benefits. Go for an oil rich in minerals such as coconut and castor oil mix. Apply it on hair that has been freshly shampooed and cleaned. Apply heat by either a hot towel or a steamer. Wash off after 30mins with cold water.
  1. Heat protecting products are a great way to protect coloured hair from heat tools. Spray a good amount of heat protectant spray or mousse on to the hair before using blow dryer or straightener. This will save the hair from going extremely dry and unmanageable. Finish with a protective hairspray.
  1. The importance of a healthy diet in great looking hair cannot be denied. What you eat will reflect on your skin and hair. Foods rich in iron, fibre and vitamins will add lustre and growth to your hair. Protein rich food helps the keratin in the hair and improves texture. Consume protein rich food such as fish, meat, cheese, egg whites and soy to enjoy gorgeous looking hair.
  1. Supplements are a great way to boost your hair growth and look. If you are not getting enough nutrients from your diet, try taking iron and vitamin supplements such as Vitamin A, B-complex and Vitamin C. Biotin, an essential Vitamin B, is said to strengthen weak hair and support growth. It is found in salmon, egg yolks, sardines and carrots. If your diet is lacking in these, take supplements to keep your hair healthier and shinier.
  1. Avoid chlorine, mostly found in swimming pools for colour treated hair. Chemicals in chlorine may react with hair colour and cause it to change in hue. Always apply a protective leave-in conditioner before entering the pol. This will help the colour to lock in and prevent chlorine from stripping away the colour and softness.
  1. If you are out in the sun frequently, use a UV protection to protect your hair colour from harmful rays of the sun. Leave in sprays, styling products and hairsprays have SPF in them. Invest in some good ones and use them before going out in the sun to prevent damage. Wear a hat or a cap if you are going to be out for long.
  1. Try not to colour your hair too frequently. Too much of colouring can strip your hair of its natural oils and make them look dry and frizzy. Colouring your greys once in 5-6 weeks is good enough. Invest in touch-up kits, spray on concealers or hair mascaras to tackle untimely greys instead of colouring your whole hair for 2-3 grey hairs.
  1. Remember never to over process your hair with colour. Stick to the time mentioned in the colouring kit if you are doing it at home. Chemicals in the colour will damage your hair if kept for too long. Again, avoid colouring your hair immediately after any chemical treatment such as straightening or perming. If you want to do both, ask for ammonia free colours that condition while colouring.
  1. Go for regular trims to save yourself from dry locks and split ends. Colouring does make the hair dry and damaged. Regular trims every few months will save you from frayed ends.

These simple tips have let you have coloured shinier and healthier looking hair in no time. Always use imported shampoo and conditioner to protect your colored hair.

Natural Skin Care Products: To Make You Attractive & Younger

Our skin is certainly the most important organ of our body. The regular exposure to the sun often makes our skin unattractive and dull. The regular exposure to pollution results in the loss of the elasticity of the skin. The overall result of the exposure to sun’s radiation, pollution and dust is unattractive epidermis.

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The natural skin care products are considered as the best remedy to such problems. The pharmaceutical companies, as well as beauty care products manufacturers, are offering the wide assortment of products that will help in revitalising your skin. Let me discuss first what basically the natural products are. These are developed using naturally occurring substances like roots, stems, leaves, flower juice, etc. The Mother Nature harbours cure for several problems. Using this concept, the pharmaceutical companies have developed several products which offer you amazing appearance. Let me discuss some of the ingredients of natural skin care products.

Aloe Vera: This is popularly known as a miraculous plant as it offers several health benefits. It has been in use for centuries for medicinal purposes. The regular use of this helps in providing relief from skin related problems. It contains various ingredients that help in improving the condition of the skin. The body of Aloe Vera contains around 95 percent of water. This characteristic makes it a perfect moisturising agent. As this contains around 22 acids, minerals, vitamins and salts, it is widely used in the manufacturing of several skin care products.

Lavender Oil is another gift of nature. It is basically an essential oil. Its pleasing aroma helps in providing the soothing effect on the mind. It is very effective in curing Eczema. This is a very serious problem and can easily be cured by using this oil. It provides moisture to the skin, thus countering this problem. It has the anti-bacterial property which enables this in combating inflammation.

Apples: These are widely used in the fruit creams. These are considered as best for the oily skin. They act as a natural cleanser and help a lot in the manufacturing of the facial masks.

Papaya: This is another fruit which is an essential ingredient of skin creams and facial masks. It is rich in vitamin C and helps in protecting skin from the sunburn. It also helps in providing essential nourishment to the weak skin cells.

Vinegar: This juice helps in regulating the pH of the body.

There are several natural products manufacturers, who are offering their comprehensive range in the form of gels, creams, soaps and several other products.

Tips to Finding the Best Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty therapy is a growing industry. This industry includes everything from waxing to facials and pedicures to manicures. The course not only teaches you how to carry out different treatments, but it teaches you about skin and nails, so you can provide your clients in the future with a high level of care and service.

The first step is to do some research and this will involve going online and looking through some of the colleges and centres that provide beauty therapy courses that will be of interest to you. Most beauty therapy courses are broken into categories depending on the type of therapy you want to provide, whether you want to focus on the skin and face or you want to focus on the nails.

Choose a few of the centres you feel you want to consider to complete your beauty therapy courses. Ideally look for a centre or college that will provide you with both theoretic and practical knowledge. If they have their own salon where you will enjoy hours of practice, even better.

With the colleges or centres in mind, you can now research each one in detail to identify the college you think is going to provide you, not only with the best beauty therapy courses, but with the best and most comprehensive learning experience. The best way to do this step is to research each of the colleges individually. Go to their website and learn as much as you can about them before typing their name into your search engine and reading through the results to get honest student feedback that you can trust when making your decision. This step should help you reduce your short list.

Knowing the reputation of the college, you now want to really focus on the selection of beauty therapy courses that they provide. There may be more than one that you are interested in. If this is the case, it’s worthwhile phoning the centre directly and speaking to a member of their team who is knowledgeable and can direct you on the order you should take the courses or whether you are able to complete more than one at a time.

Cost is an important factor, but it should never be your deciding factor. You want to choose a top school, you want to find the best beauty therapy course and you want to walk away with confidence to walk into a salon tomorrow and start work. This means that you may pay more for a higher level of education at one college than another. If it comes down to two colleges and you cannot choose between them as they both provide you with the best education experience, then cost can become the deciding factor.

If you are going to be studying full time, then you will be better off choosing a school that is local or within easy travelling distance so you can attend in-class lessons. Due to the fact you want to get the best hands on experience during your studies, it is advisable to complete these courses in-class, so you get that essential training you need to provide your clients in the future with the service that they expect.

This is a very rewarding career, though you do need a extrovert personality with excellent communication skills to succeed. Completing one or more beauty therapy courses can help you start a career in the beauty industry and if you are already in the industry and thinking of moving to another sector, then it can help you make that move or even fast track your career within your company.

6 Must-Follow Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Curls

If you feel envy looking at those gorgeous, bouncy and beautiful curls of celebs then don’t anymore. We have got you some great tips and tricks to make your hair curls stay longer. Don’t worry if you have fine and naturally straight hair that just can’t hold the curls.

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Follow these 6 tips and experience how curls can level up your style quotient.

Do it with sections

Although you may have a thin bunch of hair, dividing all your hair into multiple small sections will give you more consistent curls. Make use of alligator clips and follow the right technique.

Choose quality hair products

There are many reliable hair styling products available in the market today that can help your hair hold the curls longer. Do some homework and find out what will suit your hair most. You will find curl enhancing products like hair mousse that will help you enhance your waves. And don’t forget to use a heat protectant and hairspray of course.

Get the best hot hair tools

If you are going to pick any curler available at a cheaper price, you will find that your hair will not be able to hold its curls for more than an hour or so. If you actually want to have those diva-style curls, choose reliable and high-quality products’ brand. This can cost you a bit more but it is worth an investment. Poor quality iron can also damage your hair. But a good brand’s iron ensures complete safety to your hair. Choose your curling iron wisely!

Learn to use tools the right way

You can’t put your hair in the barrel for more than 10 seconds in one session. You need to adjust heat setting to lowest temperature given to prevent hair damage. Even if buy the most expensive curling iron, not knowing how to use it right can lead to damaged hair.

Allow the curls to settle

When curling is done and your hair is still heated up, use your fingers to gently take each curl one by one and clip them to your head with a pin. Let the curls cool down automatically and get into their shape. You may make use of a good hairspray for each hair coil for better finished. This trick will help you hold curls in a flawless manner for all day long.

When none of above tips works

Well, if none of the above pieces of advice works for your hair then it is most likely that you have damaged hair and lots of split ends which prevent curls from staying longer. It’s high time to nourish your hair and get them trimmed. Choose best of hair care products or hair treatments to rejuvenate and strengthen your hair.

Now you know how to curl your hair like a pro and make it last longer!

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8 Best Kept Secrets to Look Younger

Who doesn’t want to look younger than their age? Both men and women spend a quality time in exercising, dieting and grooming themselves to look a few years younger than they actually are. However, not everyone might be successful in this endeavor. Here are 8 secrets that will get you a younger looking skin in no time.

    • Essential fatty acids play an important role in our body’s development, growth and function. Omega 3 fatty acids are those essential acids that help our skin, hair and nail look million dollars by constantly repairing the daily wear and tear. Include Omega 3 in your diet through oily fish like salmon, nuts, and seeds as well as an omega 3 supplement. The essential fatty acids help your skin to become more radiant, blemish free, your hair to shine and be a string and your nails to be a strong and long. It can prevent many skin and health disorders as well, thereby protecting your joints.
    • With age, the skin becomes prone to excess damage from the environment, pollution as well as stress. The delicate skin that we had in younger days tends to become dry, patchy and lusterless. Signs of ageing start to appear around the eyes, mouth, neck, and forehead. It is essential to follow a strict diet regime rich in protein and collagen. Collagen helps to build back the elasticity of the skin, thereby giving it a supple youthful look. Choose an effective skin and under eye cream, that has powerful ingredient to protect the collagen of the skin, by preventing its breakdown and keeps the skin fresh and bright. You should invest in good skincare products as early as your twenties.
    • As we age, the harmful rays of the sun damage our skin faster, thereby causing premature ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots etc. When the skin is overexposed to the UV rays of the sun, it is pigmented faster and sunspots become rigid. It is essential to wear a daily SPF to protect the exposed parts of the body from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreens with SPF 30 and above work best in tropical climates. They not only hydrate the skin but also offer a cover from the scorching rays.
    • While we take care of our face, do not forget our hands. The skin is thinner on the hands than on other parts of the body. Often, it is also the first part of the body where we notice the signs of ageing. Hands are engaged in numerous activities stretched over a day. It is thus, essential to take care of hands by keeping them properly moisturized, especially after every hand wash and at night. Invest in a heavy hand cream to nourish and hydrate your hands. A luscious hand mask also does wonders by locking in the moisture and making your hands glow.
    • Everyone wants dark, thick hair. However, as we age, our hair starts thinning and greying. Just like our skin, our hair needs extra care too, Men and women are prone to weak hair, color fading, grey hair and breakage. It is important to pay attention to your hair by keeping them hydrated and moisturized as well. Opt for natural looking colors. If you have a light skin, go for browns and subtle highlights that will add a glow to your complexion and freshen up your look. If you are on a warmer side, opt for golden tons of copper and mahogany. This adds vibrancy to the skin and life to the hair. Invest in good quality smoothing shampoos and treatments that will make your hair look moisturized shine-y. A repairing treatment is necessary after every color or chemical treatment.
    • An exercise regime is as important as a skincare regime. Not only does exercise brings energy and vitality to the body, it adds years to your beauty. It increases the blood flow to your mind and other parts, thereby bringing that natural glow you yearn for. It is also great for mental and spiritual health. A 30-minute exercise regime every day should serve you well in your old age. It builds muscles, reduces fat cells and brings agility. It also helps to flush out the toxins, thereby tightening and strengthening the skin.
    • Maintaining a healthy diet is of prime important if you want to flaunt a youthful skin. Eat your greens and fruits and avoid processed and starchy foods. Also, avoid sodas, sweets, and other artificial sweeteners. The greener the vegetables and fruits, the better it is for your health. Opt for greens that help in glowing white teeth too. Most toothpaste now has whitening agents procured from fruits that taste great and work wonders.
  • Eyebrows are known to provide a framework to your face. Keep them trimmed and in shape. If your eyebrows have thinned with age, use soft brow pencils to create thick eyebrows.

Follow these 8 tips to get your youthful glow back.


5 Low Maintenance Postpartum Hairstyles for Women

After being blessed with a luxurious shine, full body and fast growing hair during pregnancy due to new hormones, it can be tempting to chop it all off postpartum. After having your baby your hair may dull and break off or fall out around 3 months due to changing hormones and beyond that, you’ll want to get a new hairstyle to match the new woman you are! A new style can re-vamp your life and restore some self confidence while you navigate your new role and learn how to keep yourself pampered and feeling good in the mix of responsibilities. Many postpartum minds default straight to a short cut, quickly and impulsively get it done, and then grow to regret it while waiting, what feels like forever, for their hair to grow long again. While cutting it short may grant you the short term satisfaction you may desperately want postpartum, consider some of these salon services for low maintenance styles that can give you the change-up you’re looking for.

A Medium Length Asymmetrical Bob
This haircut is edgy and awesome! It’s commonly cut shortest right at the shoulder, while the other side measures 2-3 inches past, but it can be modified longer and have the same modern, cool effect. You can personalize this more by adding a fun peek-a-boo color beneath or dye it all one rich color and just box dye your roots at home when they grow in. This cut can still be long enough to fit a pony tail or sweep behind the ear and these two dying options insure you won’t need to be at the salon frequently to maintain your color.

Long Hair Ombre or Balayage
This popular celebrity look is for those who cherish their length and want to look different without compromising it with a haircut. Because your ends are bleached to look sun kissed and your roots go untouched, this type of coloring needs virtually no salon maintenance at all once it’s done. Many have had success doing it themselves with thorough YouTube tutorials and specifically Revlon’s Frost ‘N Glow kits. It’s a low risk change that reflects a sunny, fun, youthful mom even if you’ve been cooped up during your maternity leave.

Medium Length Body Wave Perm
As best seen on Julianne Hough, cutting your hair to medium length and perming a subtle wave can give you a fun and sexy, tousled look. This is super low maintenance, just use some leave-in conditioner and scrunch a little, air or blow dry and you’re set!

Bring Back “The Rachel”
It’s about that time, the 90s will be coming back around the corner. The Rachel was made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on the hit show Friends. It’s a sweeping bang, layered haircut that frames the face and adds a lot of body to your hair, especially when teased with a cute headband or when you “blow out” with a hairdryer and round brush. Style it many ways or not at all! It can convey sophistication and maturity, if that’s the look you’re going for. Young it up with highlights!

How to Apply a French Manicure at Home

It is good for us to visit a nail salon and make beautiful nail design on our nails. We just need to invest a whole day and good amount of money. So a big number of women like to visit a salon for beautiful nails. But sometimes it is more fun to whip out your polishes and try to do your nails design at home.

Flower design on nails may look time taking work at home, but with a little practice and patience, you can create a custom manicure by using your favorite colors. You don’t need to use a long list of nail products or any nail kit such as french manicure kit or dip powder kit. You just need to keep your patience and after that, the result will be outstanding. Also, a little creativity will display your creative side to the people. After become master in the basic flower design, you can play around with details, extra design as well as colors.

To make a beautiful flower design, you just need to follow some steps at home and you will get the best result. At first, you need to paint your nails by using a single solid color that contrasts with the flower color to make your design pop. There have many nail colors are available in the market such as hot pink on white, red on black, or pink on blue. All of this color combinations will help you to get that pop. Before applying any color you should give some time to your base coat for drying.

Now, you have to draw five small dots on your nail beds. To make beautiful looking dots of polish on your nails, you can use a toothpick or a nail doctor. Make beautiful dots by using colors you have selected for the petals of the flower. Allow the dry them completely. You are trying to design your nails just like a flower so you should give flower look to your nails. To give that exact look, you can try a different type of methods such as make a dot on the middle of your nail bed by using a light or contrasting polish color. This dot represents the center of the flower. To give a finishing touch on the center of the flower, you can make the dot large to touch the petals or leave a little space between the center dot and the petal dots.

Now it is the time to give your nails more natural look. You can add a dot of green nail color on every side of the finished flower to make leaves. Now during the toothpick or dotter very lightly in the polish to make a point on the end of each leaf. Remember that, you have to give enough time to your nails for drying completely. After drying your nails you need to finish your task by using a clear coat of polish. If necessary, you can use two or three thin coats to make the surface of your nails even, chip resistant as well as shiny.

At last, you need to give a finishing touch to your nails by using a nail polish remover. Use the remover to clean up any spots or smudges around your cuticles. You should paint many flowers on every nail. Also, you can try a big single flower on your finger for an attractive look.

4 Dermatology Tips To Keep Your Skin Younger And Healthier

Dermatologists use advanced technology to deal with various skin problems. Among the skin conditions that you can get treatment for are acne, birthmarks, eczema, melasma, psoriasis, scars and even shingles and others. Dermatological services can save you from painful skin conditions and the painless ones you wish to improve on to feel more confident and beautiful.

But even before you start looking for dermatology solutions, it is best to start by protecting your skin. Prevention has always been better than cure and when you take good care of your skin, you will have that youthful healthy skin that everyone longs for. Here are some of the top ways that you can maintain a healthy youthful skin.

1. Eat skin friendly foods

Skin appearance is not all about what the skin care products you choose to use on it, but also largely on the nutrients that make their way to it. This makes it very important for you to consider healthy foods that will nourish the skin and keep it healthy. Add vitamin D, omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids and drink plenty of water daily to have a beautiful looking skin. It is also of importance that you cut back processed foods and also sugars because they promote inflammation damaging dermal skin production.

2. Avoid too much sun

Whereas the sun makes a very good source of vitamin D, over exposing your skin to the UV rays ages the skin. The rays damage elastin and leads to collagen loss meaning that in the end you will have wrinkles and dropping jawline. The exposure also discolors and roughens the texture of your skin and also puts you at risk of skin cancer. Use sunscreen and use moisturizers that have UV protection. It also can be helpful to walk in shady areas and wearing protective clothing. Enjoy the sun sparingly and put in all possible protective measures.

3. Create a smart skin routine

The kind of care you accord your skin translates into how good looking it is. Because of the day, exposure it is going to face, a morning routine is very important, but you also need to create a night routine as well to help it regenerate especially as you age. Apply sunscreen every morning and ensure that you remove all makeup and clean the face before you hit the sheets at night. Consider using retinoid after cleansing the skin and moisturize it. You should also make sure that you select quality skin care products and use, according to the directions given.

4. Consider cosmetic procedures to regenerate skin cells

Dermatologists offer so many products and procedures to help cell regeneration to slow down aging effects or rate of skin changes. You can try some of the cosmetic procedures to get the skin that you desire. Peels are some of the best in exfoliating and stimulating growth of collagen. Talk to your dermatologist about your skin concerns and let them advise you on which procedures are best to achieve the results that you are looking for.

Eye Make-Up Tricks for Brown Eyes

One of the best parts of having brown eyes is that instead of a few complimentary colors, or even just one for same shades, almost every color compliments brown. That means that no matter what your personal style, you can find make-up tricks to compliment both your beautiful brown eye color and unique personality. The real trick is learning how and where to place different colors in order to enhance your particular shade of brown eyes.

Brown eyes are typically broken down into four different shades of brown. These are dark brown, medium brown, light brown and light brown eyes with gold flecks that enable them to look almost hazel. Each shade has something that allows for different make-up tricks to highlight and contrast the color making eyes pop and shine even with something as simple as a single coat of eye shadow.

First we will cover make-up tricks for those of you with dark brown eye colors. Perhaps the best thing about this dark brown shade is that the eye color itself already adds intensity to any look so even softer looks appear sultry. There are two tricks that are absolutely essential for darker brown eyes. The first is that for a daytime look, try to stick with eyeshadow shades with a little bit of shimmer that are one tone lighter or darker than your skins natural tone. This will help to even out the eyelid color and the dark contrast or your eye color will add the magic, especially is the eye shadow is applied swept up to the brow bone. For an evening look medium to dark brown eye shadow shades will work best for you. The only drawback is that with your eye color, darker looks can sometimes seem a little harsh and overbearing. You can eliminate this by highlighting that darker shades with light blues, pinks, greens or gold.

Secondly is make-up tricks for those of you with medium brown eye colors. You perhaps are the luckiest as any color truly does work for you. To really maximize your eye color, mauves, violets and purples can be used to create any eye look and are the best at complimenting your medium brown eye color as well as each other. Try a mauve cream base along the eyelid and up to the brow bone. Apply a darker purple on the eyelid and soften the top of that with a violet color along the crease.

Next we’ll discuss eye make-up tricks for those with light brown eyes. You have the added benefit that light brown eyes are always striking. The one trick to remember with your shade of brown is that because the brown is so light, you want to avoid anything that will overpower the brown shade of your eye. You can still use darker shades of brown but save those for the crease portion of your eyelids or for thin highlighting layers underneath the eye. Use lighter shades, particularly yellows and golds, as the main staple for any of the eye looks your create. You should also try to avoid black eyeliners and mascaras and opt for browns instead.

Lastly we will look at the tricks for those of you with the almost hazel like shades of brown. This eye color looks absolutely stunning with eye shadow shades that are one to two tones darker than your actual skin color and with darker brown accenting on the eyelids or with a liner pencil under the eye. This will help to bring the brown color out in your eye while reflecting its natural highlights. click here