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Get a Body Audit Every Year

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. If you do not take care of it, you can end up with a diagnosis that is detrimental to you entire being. Just like you go for an annual physical, you should take your body to a dermatologist once a year so they can look over your body and inspect any abnormalities. The Balcones deramtology and other similar practices can actually help you if you need to have someone inspect your skin. An annual body audit is simply having the dermatologist looking over your body. Since they specialize in skin, they are more apt to observe an abnormality in your skin than possibly someone that is not as educated in your largest organ. There are a lot of different things other than skin cancer that can be found by a dermatologist. Things like skin tags, warts, and moles are also different skin conditions that a dermatologist can treat. They also can look at areas of your body that you may not be able to see because of it being in a different area that you are used to viewing.

I was one of those people that was not going to see a dermatologist every year. I did not think that the doctor would find anything when I went for my first visit two years ago. I have nice skin, although I do suffer from sensitivity and Rosacea. I get very red when I work out and people often ask me if I am ok. While I am fine, it can be very embarrassing for people to ask me if I am alright simply while I am working out. I found out that there is a cream that I could apply to my face and it would make the redness go away. I ended up getting the cream and it has made a big difference for me.

My Daughter Was in a Car Wreck

When I got the call that my daughter was involved in a car accident, I had never been so frightened in all my life. The only thing I knew was that she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I saw the car she was in on my way to the hospital, as it was still an active scene with emergency responders. When I got to the hospital, I cried with relief to find her okay. Though she was sore, she told me she was fine. I still knew that she needed chiropractors in Huntington NY, or at least one that would be able to help her.

While she had never been in a car wreck before and thought she was just fine, I knew that she would be hurting something awful the following day. I have been in three separate car accidents, none of which were my fault. Continue reading

I Got Hit by a Front End Loader

It was just like most other work day mornings, at least it was until I realized that the guy driving the front end loader was about to back up into me. I yelled at him and I three down the stuff I was carrying, but I did not quite get out of the way. I gave that guy more than a few choice words and his boss started to have a fit, because he could see I was in a position to sue him. After I got done with the doctors, then a chiropractor in San Francisco had to try to work out the kinks in my back. I am pretty sure that the insurance company wants to sue the other guy, but that does not really interest me. He is going to claim that I should have been looking out for him, which might be a valid point since you can never be absolutely sure that the other guy is not a complete idiot. In this case that seems to have been something that I should have been considering. Continue reading

I Was Afraid to Go to the Chiropractor

I knew that I needed to see a chiropractor in Turlock because of the pain in my back, but I was afraid to because I had no idea what he was going to tell me about it. I had already had one doctor tell me that he wanted to do surgery, and that scared me more than anything. I quickly changed doctors, because I didn’t feel he had even considered all my options as well as what was causing me the pain in the first place. When I went to my new doctor, he suggested that I see a chiropractor because he felt that what needed to be done could be done without any type of surgery.

I had considered seeing a chiropractor before this, but I never did because of my fear. Continue reading

Why My Chiropractor in Corte Madera Referred Me Back to My Medical Doctor First

I stepped on a toy our son left on the steps as I was going down them in the dark. I was glad I was actually holding onto the railing. I stumbled and swung around while holding onto the railing to not fall. I was spun around and actually hit the wall, but I did not fall. I really did a number on my shoulder as my arm was wrenched hard as I hung onto the railing to not fall. I called my chiropractor in Corte Madera a few days later to get an appointment.

Sure, the boy should not have left the toy on the stairs, but I should have turned the light on to go down the stairs too. He is just a young boy, and I am a grown man. So, I blame my poor choice much more than I blame that toy being left there. Continue reading

Life is Really Different Here, and I Enjoy That

Living in the land of beautiful people means that I take great care to look good at all times. Growing up in my own home country was very different. I was a teen during the grunge years in the 1990s. Young people often wore torn t-shirts, torn jeans, flannel shirts and grungy boots as a norm when I was in college. But it’s quite the opposite where I live and work now. Recently, I Had some IPL hair removal in Singapore done so that I could look as good as the people I work with. It amazes me that the people here always look so good.

I came here in college to attend college for one semester under a really great program we had at my university. I stayed with a host family and they had a daughter in college who was my age. Continue reading

My Chiropractor Will Help Me Sleep

My primary care physician referred me to a Mesa chiropractor to help treat my intense back pain. He believes that I have some type of lumbar disorder that goes beyond what he is able to treat. I’m very happy that he gave me this referral, because our conventional treatment methods are no longer working. My chronic back pain keeps me up at night, and I would say that it’s probably been a few months since I’ve had a good night’s sleep. I’m feeling really optimistic so, because I believe this chiropractor will be able to help me feel better.

After receiving the referral, I went to the chiropractor’s website. It just so happens that he has written about my condition, and I was able to learn a little bit more about treatment options. I’m not a doctor, but based on what I read I think I may be a good candidate for spinal decompression. Continue reading

Acupuncture Took Away My Pain

I know people go for alternative treatments for a lot of reasons. For me, it is just plain fear. If I can have a procedure done that is not invasive at all, I am definitely going that route. Also, if I can have something natural do the same thing that prescription medication like narcotics will do, then I will always go the natural route. When I started feeling a lot of pain after an auto accident, I decided to look at a Chicago acupuncture specialist first. I had been hearing good things about acupuncture, and I knew that it was definitely worth a short before trying anything else.

I had done my research before making this decision. While I will always go the natural route, I will not do that if I am not confident that it is a legitimate thing I am going to do. Continue reading

A Chiropractor Can Help in So Many Ways

Several of my friends and I get together at least once a month to discuss the latest book that we are all reading. While we label it a book club, it entails so much more. We do discuss books, but we talk about everything else that is going on with our families as well as ourselves. The last few times we met, I have been so tired, even though I still made it. My friends noticed I seemed run down, and asked me if everything was okay. One of them suggested I see her chiropractor in San Diego after I explained that I just had no get up and go left in me. Continue reading

My Girlfriend Wants to Be a Model

Of course she probably has a pretty good chance at it, the girl is really hot and there is not any bias in that statement. Of course when you are a model then you have to compete against hundreds and hundreds of other girls who are all really hot as well. This is not so clear that she is able to afford some of the things that she thinks that she needs. I took her to see a guy who does cosmetic dentistry in Greenwood Village the other day and I was surprised that it was pretty obvious that some of the people in there were quite obviously models. They were men and women and all of them looked the part. Continue reading