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I Had to Learn About Whiplash the Hard Way

I have heard of whiplash before, but I really did not know too much about it. I knew that it was most often associated with car accidents, so that was my first concern when I was involved in one myself. Another driver’s tire blew out, causing him to swerve and hit our car. My head bounced back really hard against the head protector, but our air bags did not go off. I was in pain though, which is why I wanted to look at the website of a Redding chiropractor to learn more about the injuries associated with car accidents.

I wanted to find out as much as I could so I could determine if I needed to make an appointment or just wait out the pain for a few days. I read about what causes whiplash, which is exactly what happened to me when my head hit the headrest really hard. I then read about the symptoms of whiplash, and it made more sense to me then. Continue reading

Nerve Interference Was Causing My Pain

One of the things I promised myself earlier this year was finally taking care of some issues that I had been putting on the back burner. One of those things was seeing a chiropractor in Bakersfield about the back pain that I was feeling. I thought that my lower back was hurting just because I was so overweight. Even after losing a good bit of weight though, my back pain was still present. I knew that something was not right, but it was just something I kept putting on my To Do list because it was a pain I had grown used to.

I learned that a person should never get used to any kind of pain. Continue reading

Orland Park Chiropractor Provides Real Healthcare

I have always been an active person and very much into athletic pursuits. I enjoy participating in mud runs and obstacle course-type competitions, but years of running, climbing and jumping on some poor terrain have taken a toll on my body, my back especially. I knew I needed an Orland Park chiropractor when it took my body weeks to recover from my last mud run. It was a brutally cold day and an incredibly difficult course, but certainly not the worst one I had ever participated in, though my body was acting as if it was.

I have never been shy about getting massages and believe that massage therapy has a place in my life as a great way to relax, but while the relief through massage was immediate, it was also very temporary. Massage therapists just do not have the training or education necessary to diagnose true medical issues or offer suggestions and techniques to manage or prevent pain.

After many hours of scanning the phonebook, reading reviews and researching online, I found a great chiropractor near my home in Orland Park. I make regular visits to my chiropractor for preventative as well as restorative healthcare and have learned some great stretching techniques that I utilize prior to my races and events. My chiropractor has also helped me develop an exercise routine that works with my lifestyle and time constraints to keep myself limber so I can compete well into the next decade of my life, far longer than many of my friends who have declared themselves “too old” to participate.

I still get the occasional massage. It is hard to resist the whole day spa experience and general pampering, but while that type of relaxation is a great break, for a real cure for medical issues, a chiropractor is an absolute necessity.

Santa Rosa Chiropractor Office Locations

I don’t know what it is, but ever since i woke up this morning, my back has been killing me. It has not felt this bad in a long time, and it has me worried, to be sure. I guess I slept weird, or something, but even that doesn’t explain the amount of pain I am in really. I am going to see if I can go see a Santa Rosa Chiropractor because I spent a couple of hours trying to stretch my back out, and I took a hot shower, put a heating pad on it, and used some other things to try to make it feel better, but I really have not had very much success in improving the condition of my back.

So really, I think that going to go see a chiropractor is probably the only option I have at this point. Well, it is not literally my only option with dealing with this pain, but I do think that it is the option that makes the most sense. I haven’t seen a chiropractor in a number of years, but the last time I needed to see one, I found that the treatment was pretty good and also effective. Unfortunately though, I have wracked my brain for a couple hours now, and I cannot think of the name of the person I went to see before for a chiropractor visit. I guess I won’t be able to go see them again, since I can’t think of their name, or where their office was located. Instead, I am going to have to find someone else to go visit, and I am going to use the Internet to help me to do that. I want to find a chiropractor that will be able to provide me with good treatment.

I Needed Things to Change for My Husband’s Back Health

I was watching my husband hobble around the house, and I told him that it would be no problem to call my Sacramento chiropractor to see when he could get in to be looked at. He’s stubborn, so he told me he would be fine on his own. What was frustrating is that he was not okay, and it only became a bigger problem over time. When he couldn’t get up out of bed for a week, I told him that he was going to do something about it whether he liked it or not, and I made him an appointment. This time, he realized that I was right and didn’t put up a fight. I was hoping that this would make him change the way that he goes about doing things.

As much as my husband likes to take charge and get things done, he also ignores his body. On one hand, he would rush around after work to help me do things for our kids or take care of matters in our home. He will do just about anything for me and the kids. But on the other hand, when he does have downtime, he doesn’t take time to recharge and do nice things for his body to keep it strong. I knew that it was starting to catch up with him, and I had even tried to talk to him about it. He would brush it off.

When I called the chiropractor’s office to make an appointment, I asked if I could talk to him myself about the situation. He was happy to oblige. I told him that I have an amazing husband who does so much, but yet doesn’t take of himself. I asked if it would be possible for him to talk about that with my hubby, and he said he would. Now, my husband is taking time to work out and do better things for himself.

I Want to Remain Active for As Long As I Can

I wasn’t having much luck with the two physicians that I had gone for my back. So, I was online looking to find another one in my area. That’s when I saw information about a certain chiropractor in Fort Myers that came up during my search. Curious, I went to his page to see what he does. I know what chiropractors are, of course, but I hadn’t been to one personally so I wanted to know more. After years of participating in sports that had caused too many back injuries, as well as not getting as far as I needed to with doctors, I figured I would give it a try. There was no way that I wanted to stop being physically active in life, so I figured I owed it to myself.

From an early age, I was racing after my brothers and keeping up with them. Continue reading